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Fishing Charters on Lake Michigan and Muskegon lake

How to Book a Charter Trip?

Take the first step towards experiencing big lake fishing adventure in Michigan and Muskegon Lake by booking your trip with Balls Deep Fishing Charter today.

Reservations can be made with a phone call or by using the quick online booking buttons.
Join our crew for a relaxing fun-filled day of fishing. Our goal is to make sure you have the best day on the water that we can provide, so please call or email with any questions or special requests.

Big lake fishing in Michigan and Muskegon Lake is fun and successful year-round. We catch many different species of fish during the fishing year and are often able to target different species using different fishing methods on a single day. Our crew at Balls Deep Fishing Charter will know what’s your best target species on the day that you book your trip.

If you have questions about the trip, the fishing during different seasons, or about any other details that you’d like to discuss prior to booking just give us a call at 231.578.0447  and we will be happy to help.

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Charter Trips

If our boat is not available on your desired date, please call or send a message and we check with our sister boat and get you on the water catching fish.

Custom Charters

Create your own customized charter and spend your day on the water however you wish.
Balls Deep Fishing Charters

Contact Capt. Chad today and reserve your Balls Deep Charter Fishing adventure.

Learning Experience While Deep Sea Fishing With Captain Chad

Our Fishing Charters

We service Lake Michigan and provide the best Sport Salmon Fishing around. Whether it’s Salmon, Trout, or sightseeing; BALLS DEEP CHARTERS is your best choice! The trips are fun and personable and the fishing is great!

Big Lake Fishing

2 Booking per day


(Max people is 6)

Corporate Fishing

2 Booking per day


(Max people is 6)

Tournament Fishing

2 Booking per day


(Max people is 6)

Scenic Tours

2 Booking per day

(Max people is 6)

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Why Choose Balls Deep Fishing Charters?

When it comes to Michigan and Muskegon Lake Deep Sea Fishing Charters, you have options to choose from. However, no other company can provide the kind of fishing experience that we can provide for you.

Latest Equipment

Our fishing boats are equipped with the latest fishing equipment and technology.

Best Options

We make it a point to update our equipment regularly, so you’ll always have the very best options available to you.

Proven Record

Our crew has a proven track record of locating and catching fish in any situation. And we know all the good fishing spots.

Speed. Reliability. Comfort. Safety.

We will provide the speed, reliability, comfort, and safety needed to get fishing quickly and back to port safely with your boatload of fish.

Your Michigan and Muskegon fishing charter experience should be stress-free. We are easygoing with you. We care about your safety and happiness and will do all we can to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Balls Deep Fishing Charters

Are you ready to enjoy fishing in Michigan like never before?

If so, it’s time for you to book your trip with Balls Deep Fishing  Charters. Our goal is to help you catch fish and build a memory that will last for a lifetime. Each and every adventure you choose can be customized to fit your needs. Contact us today to book your fishing trip with Balls Deep   Fishing  Charters. 231.578.0447.